Led Batten Light

Led Batten Light

Led batten lights are most probably known as very simple lights, which consist only of a socket and a fluorescent tube.

Light Strips as Effect Lighting

The led batten light can be more than just practical. Wonderful light accents and a homely atmosphere create! Led batten light when you attach in the upper part of the walls behind stucco or moldings, so that their light behind these bars seems out. In this way, you can create wonderful, indirect light with light strips. Other variations for this indirect light source are possible: The light strips can be installed so that they flood the ceiling, or slightly lower, about three quarters or half the height of the wall, so that the light strips act as wall lights quasi.

Different Types of Led Batten Light

There are many but basically two types of led batten lights, which differ due to the light source. On the one hand, there are still those light strips, which are operated with conventional fluorescent tubes, on the other hand, there are now more and more light strips, which are equipped with LEDs. We have;

  • 120CM 36w LED batten light (metal case which is most cheap)
  • 120CM 48W LED batten light (aluminum case)
  • 20W LED batten light 60 cm
  • 40W 120CM LED batten light metal case
  • 48w Led batten light ip67
  • 54W LED batten light 120 cm

The small led ensure a long life and low power consumption. Another advantage of led batten lights that they are not only available in different lengths, but also in different colors, like the usual light strips, and thus can bring even more variety into your lighting design.