Led Floodlight

Led Floodlight

With a led floodlight, you can illuminate your advertising posters for a long time without constantly replacing the halogen lamps with conventional spotlights. Not only does this increase your attention on your banner, it also saves a lot of money on your purchase and maintenance. The company Oweled.com offers high quality led floodlighting.

What are Options!

There are many choices. A led floodlight has a lifespan of over 10000 hours. This equates to a lifespan any years if used for a few hours per day. In addition, by using a led floodlight instead of a standard 300 watt halogen spotlight, you have also;

10, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 500, 600 or 1000 watt options with a comparable replacement spotlight and therefore also protect the environment. Not only by the upcoming purchase of bulbs because of broken halogen bulbs, but also by the strong differences in the required performance, costs are saved.

Property of Led Floodlight

Due to the different light colors (warm, neutral, daylight) as well as by color change. For example, we have 50 W Green Led Floodlight!

The low power consumption of a led floodlight saves large amounts of electricity compared to conventional halogen lights. You can not only use these lights outside, but also indoors, and you do not have to worry about delicate furniture or paintings because LEDs do not emit any UV or infrared radiation.