LED Line Light Linear

LED Line Light Linear

Really good ideas are like extraordinary lighting solutions; Led Line Light Linear!

Led line light linear has light strips that are manufactured exactly according to customer requirements and are easy to assemble. Designers and users individually decide on the length, power, light color, beam angle and degree of protection of the led light bar, thus creating the best conditions for sophisticated compositions of direct and indirect light.

Why LED Line Light Linear Awesome!

The high degree of configurability and the reduced design make the LED Line Light Linear one of the most successful new inventions around the topic of light. The three variants “linear”, “high-power” and “less is more” form the basis of the system; Customized to the smallest detail, depending on the object and application, they provide individual and economical general, accent, effect and cove lighting in rooms or on surfaces and facades.

Led line light linear can be realized as a homogeneous “endless line” and are even available as a built-in solution in the “Less is more” variant. High-quality housing and technology components also ensure low heat generation during operation as well as longevity and minimal maintenance.

For example; get a line light linear 50w, 25w and 37,5w! Select the color; white, black or gray! We offer you 2 years warranty. Call and learn more!