Led Panel

Led Panel

Led panel has different design aspect: LED panels are flat, square or round… They have an extremely thin profile – and without such a compact lighting technology as LED, this would never be possible!

The big advantage: The luminaire itself takes a back seat, which is very modern and minimalist. This causes a tidier room image, because the room seems larger, since the light hardly takes up space in it. This makes LED panels interesting even for small spaces.

On the other side of the light aspect: with a LED panel, the entire surface shines, even and glare-free. This is significantly different from a point light source, exp. light bulb. LED panels always ensure uniform, bright room lighting.

Our Led Panels:

  • 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 Watt if panel is round.
  • Flat (rectangle) led panels are 30×120 and 30×60
  • Also, we have wonderful square panels, 30×30 and 60×60

Square or Round LED Panels?

If a square light source does not fit into your four walls, you can of course resort to a round shape. Although the term “LED panel” is usually understood to mean the angular, flat mounting or installation variant, many other round recessed luminaires also fulfill a similar function.