Led Strip

Led Strip

Led strip can preferably be used as decorative lighting indoors and outdoors, but also as the main lighting in rooms, corridors, etc. By using led strips in combination with aluminum profiles extend on the one hand their life and on the other hand thus creates a practically finished led luminaire in a modern design.

The led strips are supplied with DC voltage of 12 or 24 V depends on the selected led strip. To ensure this voltage, the power supply unit must be connected between the mains voltage and the led strip.

Focus These Keys When Choosing!

The correct power of the electrical supply unit can be determined by the selected led strip. Each led strip shows the wattage (12 W etc.).

For example, 5 meters of led strip with a wattage of 12 W/m are required, at least 5 m x 12 W = 60 W are required for such a led strip.

However, the selection of the power supply unit must – due to the optimal life – be made in the form that the expected wattage of the led strip is also covered with a %20 reserve.

We have:

  • Three chip led strips
  • IP 20 or 65
  • 5 meters to 100 meter
  • 60 led / m
  • 220 V or less (12-24)
  • Adapter in choices
  • And the best prices!

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