Led Track Light

Led Track Light

The led track light is 360 degrees rotatable and has the same lighting effect as a LED spot to highlight certain items or products. It is very commonly used in museums, shopping malls, shop windows, galleries, etc. The led track light can be moved easily and the light direction can be set. The simple shape of the light can be well integrated into any room without dominating, available with black or white housing.

Wattage and Light Intensity

This led track light has a consumption of 30W or 35W and a luminous intensity of 2500 lumens. We offer the led track light in 3000K warm white till and 6500K white. Also, colors can be black or white!

How Assembly LED Track Light

Led track light requires a rail, longs can be change and you can set corner and extension rails and used throughout the place. The rail is connected to the power cable on one side. The power is routed through the rail by means of a copper cable, and all luminaires can be mounted directly on the rail using simple closures.

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